Uganda Book of Records 2010.

Welcome to the Uganda Book of records the only true reliable and accurate Uganda records compilation. The Uganda Book of Records begun in 2004 as a private company recording all sorts of records held by Ugandans.

The Uganda Book of Records Ltd had an idea of publishing a book containing all Uganda records for the public and with years of hard work and thoroughly research plus assessments, we decided the book was ready to reach the production line and hit the book stores and libraries near you.

As many book enthusiasts have been contacting us wondering when they will get access to the first ever Uganda records book, the 2010 will be launched soon at a colorful event that will be broadcast live on all main TV Channels.
The book contains hundreds of amazing national records ranging from politics to sports and here you will find intriguing records set by Ugandan icons such as Majid Musisi, Leo Rwabwogo, Ayub Kalule, Davis Kamoga, John Akii Bua, John Mugabi, Michael Ezra, Sula Kato for his amazing Corner kicks and many more.

2010 being the inaugural year, some records might be missing but we expect even a better show in the second edition of 2011. Many records have been set in Uganda or outside Uganda by Ugandans and many have been talked about and written about in news paper articles but all these articles end up in trash bins the next day making it impossible for these writings to find their way into national and international Libraries. For those records that have managed to get recognized by news paper articles for the last 100 years until now they have never been grouped into one comprehensive records compendium such as the Uganda Book of Records easily accessible by the public.

Compilation of Uganda records has been a demanding job by our team of researchers and faced obstacles in many aspects especially considering the fact that Uganda is a country where a culture of record keeping and management is almost non-existent.
It was to remedy this deficiency that the Uganda Book of Records Ltd was founded to produce an annual compendium of our records in Uganda.
The UBR Ltd is deeply indebted to all individuals, Religious organs, Cooperate bodies and Sports Federations that have assisted in the production of this work.