Uganda Book of Records 2010.

Welcome to the Uganda Book of records the only true reliable and accurate Uganda records compilation. The Uganda Book of Records begun in 2004 as a private company recording all sorts of records held by Ugandans.

The Uganda Book of Records Ltd had an idea of publishing a book containing all Uganda records for the public and with years of hard work and thoroughly research plus assessments, we decided the book was ready to reach the production line and hit the book stores and libraries near you.

uganda book of records coming November 2009
uganda book of records coming November 2009
President Y.K Museveni Uganda's longest serving president.
Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga
Uganda's first Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga
John Akii Bua
John Akii Bua The only Ugandan to win Olympic Gold.
namugongo shrine
Uganda Martyrs day the largest religious gathering.
Bishop Henry Hanlon
Bishop Henry Hanlon Brought the first copy press machine to Uganda.
About Uganda
About Uganda
uganda book of records coming November 2009
Ayub Kalule first Ugandan to win a professional world boxing title
S.Africa Vs Uganda
Uganda's largest soccer attendance Nations cup qualifiers 2004
Mary Stuart hall
Tallest University Hall Mary Stuart
largest air carrier
Kenya Air ways largest air carrier in Uganda.
Idi Amin Dada
Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada.
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Extreme sports
Extreme sports coming to Kampala for the first time at the records events.