Uganda Book of Records 2010.

Welcome to the Uganda Book of records the only true reliable and accurate Uganda records compilation. The Uganda Book of Records begun in 2004 as a private company recording all sorts of records held by Ugandans.

The Uganda Book of Records Ltd had an idea of publishing a book containing all Uganda records for the public and with years of hard work and thoroughly research plus assessments, we decided the book was ready to reach the production line and hit the book stores and libraries near you.


The Uganda Book of Records conducts research on a range of topics related to variety of areas. The aim of this research is to further develop the field, and build on the academic literature that has already been produced.

As a pioneer in the field of records research, and with many years of practical and academic experience in this area, the UBR works on behalf of a number of companies and institutions to provide independent research on a range of different topics. Previous partners we have worked with include universities, Sports bodies, embassies, private companies, think-tanks, and government institutions. Our research methods differ from traditional, empirical-based approaches by combining both empirical evidence and theoretical knowledge.

In addition to the research projects mentioned above, the UBR also conducts ongoing research in different areas of culture, sports, science etc. This research supports our programs and ensures that we are at the forefront of development in the field. Given the potential for beneficial research in areas such as sports, music and art, there are a number of research topics that benefit not only the field of records as a whole, but our work at the UBR in particular.

The UBR sees the role of researching, promoting and developing the field of Records keeping as an integral part of its mission the job that demands the highest standards of integrity which underscores the interest of our work. The field of records keeping includes a diverse array of actors; individuals, private organizations, private sector firms, civil society organizations and public sector institutions. We endeavour to optimize and increase the level of cooperation and partnership between the different institutions and organizations working in the field of research something that has been for long undervalued in this part of the world.

Governmental organizations, NGOs and individuals alike can benefit from the potential of this corporation to improve positive relations based on mutual understanding, dialogue and trust. The UBR aims to apply this foundation of research, gathered through various symposia, academies and forums, to these organizations.
The UBR has developed a number of programs that aim to promote research and record keeping. These programs can be divided into the a variety of categories depending on what nature of the field.