Uganda Book of Records 2010.

Welcome to the Uganda Book of records the only true reliable and accurate Uganda records compilation. The Uganda Book of Records begun in 2004 as a private company recording all sorts of records held by Ugandans.

The Uganda Book of Records Ltd had an idea of publishing a book containing all Uganda records for the public and with years of hard work and thoroughly research plus assessments, we decided the book was ready to reach the production line and hit the book stores and libraries near you.

Uganda Book of Records - SERVICES:

We deliver branded messages from grass roots to large-scale festivals, turnkey live events production for all. Relevant core appeal to excite the public achieving marketing objectives Produce, sanction and manage world-class skate boarding, super moto and free style moto-X events in Uganda and Africa. Solve inherent challenges of live event production and create compelling authentic entertainment experience. What can we do for your Brand?

Founded in 2001, The Uganda Book of Records is a subsidiary of the Africa records an international organization with headquarters in Uganda and South Africa owned by Nexus Group of Companies which also deals in entertainment, film production, advertizing, wholesale, Real Estate, TV production, import and export, sports, oil etc.

As one of Uganda's leading organizations in the field of research, the UBR is at the centre of a regional network of independent partners in both the public and private sectors. Our collective mission is to enhance the process of local, international and interregional empirical-based by improving the very fabric of social research.

The UBR's research and programs in the area of culture, sports, communication and rapprochement offer viable alternatives to enhance traditional diplomatic policy. This can benefit individuals, communities, and organizations at the local, national, regional, and global level. The Uganda book of Records is owned by the Nexus Group of companies a company which also deals in entertainment, film production, advertizing, wholesale, TV production, import and export.

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